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Bluebird Hill Farm

Contact: Julie Santoro
Address: 196 Jersey Lane, Cobleskill, NY 12043
Contact Info: 518-234-4913
Farm Description: Bluebird Hill Farm offers pesticide free, naturally grown garden vegetables year-round. We take pride in offering delicious produce at the height of the harvest, and hardy winter varieties all winter long. From lettuces, radishes, tomatoes and carrots to onions, gourds and peppers, there is always a harvest on Bluebird-Hill. After battling notoriously short New York growing seasons, this farm has finally found a way to keep the good stuff on the table, even when there is snow on the ground.
Why Local Food Is Important: Local food is important because it means feeding your family well, while helping your local farmer feed hers. It means having a story to tell around the dinner table. It means being proud of where you live. It means enjoying full flavors of truly nourishing meals. Local food means having more reasons to come together and to stay together as neighbors, families and as communities.